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Rockport Marine Yacht Design

Custom Designs for Power and Sail

Island Escort

The term “hallmark” is defined as a distinctive and distinguishing characteristic, trait or feature. If I were asked to choose a single hallmark to represent the coast of Maine I...

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SOPHIA, a Spirit of Tradition design, is a 70' ocean-going cruiser/racer. The Rockport Marine design office conceived of a comfortable, two-stateroom boat that evokes the lines and character of some...

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This is a boat is purpose-built for your favorite archipelago. With 4613 islands to its credit, Maine will do just fine, but so would Scotland, Greece, the Philippines, Indonesia, Finland,...

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Design for Restoration

Restoring a classic yacht usually starts on the drawing table, to get the details just right and incorporate modern updates and modifications seamlessly.

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Services for Marine Professionals

Rockport Marine offers an array of services for marine professionals, including 3-D modeling, rendering, hull measurement and lofting.

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